Midrealm Pennsic Unbelt Team Announced

With permission of Their Royal Majesties, Ragnvaldr and Arabella, I take great pride in presenting the warriors who are on this year’s Unbelted Champions team.

Captain Wigthegn the Younger
Captain Jason Irenfist
Captain Bran Atte Rowan
Captain Duncan the Monster
Baron Marcus Pinarius
Baron Jamie von Atzinger
Captain Amalric des Etolle
Sergeant Dietrich Bauer (Blue)
Sergeant Gebhard Rauten
Captain Thorin Oakenshield
Lord Louis LeCoffrier
Lord Malachy Von Ulm
Captain Angus Drummond
Captain Mahon of Fenix
Captain Onund Ullrson
Captain William Rayne
Sergeant Urbain Lebasque
Captain Cedric Adolphus
Sergeant Corvus Aurelius Corvinus
Sergeant Kith von Atzinger
Sergeant Magnus Gunnarson – Alternate
Lord Justice McArtain – Alternate
Sergeant Ticam – Alternate
Haerulf Rinabrók – Alternate
Sergeant Mei Li – Alternate
Lord Ionnis of Cynnabar – Alternate

For those of you who are not listed, still attend with your pale and armor on to support the team. There will still be opportunities to fight and represent our kingdom as unbelted champions on Sunday.

~ Captain Wigthegn the Younger