Volunteer Opportunities at Pennsic

Only 4 3 days to Pennsic!

And it is not to soon to think of Post Pennsic Clean Up! Volunteer positions available on post-Pennsic cleanup crew! Here’s an example of what you can do to help:

Tasks for Friday August 7th: Clear out Pennsic University classroom tents: You need to be able to fold up tables and chairs, take those tables and chairs to the Great Hall, stack the chairs in sets of 50, stack tables neatly, gather fire extinguishers and trash cans from tents, bag and take trash to dumpster, line up extinguishers by tens, rinse cans. Depending on the size of the crew, perhaps 2 hours time.

Stop by the Town Hall during Pennsic and introduce yourself to the Volunteer Coordinator, Baroness Helena, and see what all the various jobs available for volunteers are!