MidRealm! Know the Valor of your people!

Hear the words of Ulf Von Greiffenburg, Baron Fenix!

I will tell you a tale of valor, of bravery, and of grand deeds. At this very War in the Kingdom of Aethelmearc did we go again to fight, treaties dissolved, others broken, oaths not kept and new allies found amongst old enemies. We made a foray from our small keep there. Soon did we find the enemy drawn up inside a castle they called Hell. Their forces were also still making for the safety of the walls, many out in the open and upon the road. There were towers and a broken wall to our front. So down the hill we rode; smashing hard into the enemy, driving them from one tower and gaining ground on their gates. A call rang out to turn and face their reinforcements poring through the opening in the broken wall. We drove them back, and they would repulse our charge. Again and again the forces of the Dragon Army held at the wall, but we were not able to break from our foe there, nor go through them. Several times I saw Her Excellency Fenix go down under the blows of the adversaries from Aethelmearc and their many allies. Yet she never gave quarter, nor asked any for herself.

As the battle flowed and ebbed and sworled violently in its dance of death, I saw Her Excellency Fenix ride to the fore and when unhorsed, rise again and fight on. Near the corner of the castle on the outer tower she stood braced against the wall, side and shield flush with the stone. There did she stand amongst a storm of spears, swords and arrows. For nearly half of that battle she held her place, defending our comrades and striking the enemy. Four times I was driven away from that very fight only to return again to find Her Excellency still holding her ground. On the fifth time I fought my way into that grand melee Her Excellency had been driven back, and soon I was too.

We regrouped and assaulted into the tower together making one last push and as we charged in wading deep into the ranks of our foes, the final trumpets sounding the recall of the Dragon Army. We withdrew giving them the tower we had so valliently strivn for throughout that day.

Throughout that day Her Excellency had inspired all of us on the field with her resolve and tenacity in battle. Along with Her Excellency was Lady Rose, a Norman Lady of fine dark hair and the heart of a rabid badger. Rose was seen all along the line attacking our foemen, cackling like the very morrigaine themselves, a goddess of death striking from the low places to bring her enemies down to the netherworlds she rules! Through the red gore and blood stained fields of Pennsic the Ladies of Fenix rose to new heights to inspire all those who could see their deeds! Shieldmaidens of Fenix, bearing each the Dragon’s Tooth to strike deep in to the necks of our prey. Inspiration, Valor and Renown, and so ends this tale of great deeds.

Her Excellency was heard to say, “It isn’t like I was a real target. You are the one with the Coronet on your helm.” At which point we pointed to the shiny gold Coronet on Her Excellency’s helm. “We placed it there before we left this morning, you have been fighting with it all day.” So, there is even more to the tale, but that is for another time.