Monthly Archive: September 2015

Tzarina Serena’s A&S Challenge

We will be selecting three A&S Champions, each chosen by a separate challenge. Each challenge will have a specific theme. The projects made for each challenge should incorporate the selected theme.

The projects submitted for the first challenge will be judged by Tzarina Serena at Midrealm Fall RUM on November 21 in The Shire of Narrental in Our Barony of Rivenstar. Documentation is desired, but is not required. To assure that there is ample time to view all the entries, performance entries shall be limited to two minutes in length. In order to win the Champion position, the entrant must be present in evening court at RUM.

The theme for the first challenge is “green”. The theme for the second challenge will be announced in evening court at RUM.

Best of luck to all. Be creative! Have fun making green related things!

TRM Nikolai and Serena

A&S 50 Display at RUM

It is with great pleasure that we announce that a major exhibition of the Final A&S 50 Challenge projects for the Constellation Region will be at RUM this year. (Nov. 21, Peru, IN). Anyone who has worked on an A&S 50 Project is welcome to display it at RUM. Please send your SCA name, mundane name, email address, and space requirement for your display to Waldetrudis von Metten (Kimetha Loidolt or ).

Christmas Tourney Classes Solicited

Christmas Tourney is fast approaching. We have slots for 12 A&S classes. Anyone interested in teaching please contact Emer Von Atzinger at . We am particularly interested in having a class on taking the fear out of research and documentation.

Bids For Spring Crown and Coronation Solicited

Citizens of the Middle Kingdom, I bid thee greetings!

This weekend The Heirs, Nikolai and Serena will ascend to the Dragon Throne. In Three weeks, They will hold a tournament to decide Their Heirs.

These new Heirs will require Coronation and Crown Tournament events. To that end, the bidding process for Spring Coronation (May 7th, 2016) and Spring Crown Tournament and Kingdom A&S (May 28-29, 2016) is now open.  (more…)

Cooking and Brewing Classes at RUM

To the artisans and future artisans of the Middle Kingdom,

I come baring an important announcement from the Regalis Universitas Mediterraneae.

At this year’s Fall RUM we will have a very special “Hands-On” Cooking and Brewing Track. This track is filled with valuable hands on experience and many of the classes the students will leave with examples and valuable handouts for a small fee. (more…)

Coronation Parking Update

News from the Coronation Event staff:

We are not going to have as much parking as we anticipated. We’re asking everyone to carpool, arrive early and remain flexible. Someone will direct you to a drop-off point near the buildings, where you can unload your gear. Then you will have to park on one of the surrounding streets. We will have security patrolling the surrounding streets and parking lots. There will be handicap parking near the school.

We apologize in advance for any inconvenience but we’re confident that the populace won’t let this blip ruin a great day in the Midrealm!

Royal University Midrealm Scholarships

Royal University Midrealm currently has 6 scholarships for the upcoming RUM session:

  • Martial Track sponsored by The Brotherhood of Steel
  • Youth & Education sponsored by House Fox Rose
  • SCA administration sponsored by Hus Gyldenbrocc
  • Technological Track sponsored by Hus Gyldenbrocc
  • Textile Track sponsored by Lynette de Warenne
  • Studio Arts sponsored by Mistress Estella De La Mar

These scholarships cover the site fee, lunch, and vouchers for class notes. The Youth & Education one will also cover the cost of an adult admission along with the youth.

To apply for a scholarship or to sponsorship a track or region check out:

Dave Cooper

We are saddened to note the passing of Dave Cooper, scion of the Cooper family and longtime friend to the SCA and the Pennsic War. Cards and condolences can be sent to Cooper’s Lake Campground at 205 Currie Road, Slippery Rock, PA 16057. 

Rest in Peace, Baron Dave.

History in the Midrealm 

Master Konrad writes:

At Rose Tournament Saturday we had the privilege to witness on a single day in the Midrealm the elevation of worthy individuals into ALL FOUR (non-royal) patent orders:

Defence (Master Adam Comyn) , Laurel (Mistress Asalah), Chivalry (Sir Cameron, Count), and Pelican (Master Rijckaert).

It was the first time it happened in the Middle, has this happened in any other kingdoms before?