Cooking and Brewing Classes at RUM

To the artisans and future artisans of the Middle Kingdom,

I come baring an important announcement from the Regalis Universitas Mediterraneae.

At this year’s Fall RUM we will have a very special “Hands-On” Cooking and Brewing Track. This track is filled with valuable hands on experience and many of the classes the students will leave with examples and valuable handouts for a small fee.

Cooking Classes in this track include:

  • Pasta Making by THL Berengaria Mordaunt
  • Cheese Making by Waldetrudis von Metten
  • Sugar Paste by THL Guillane delta Vaux
  • Sausage making by THL Reinhold von Glier
  • Subtleties and Sweets with an Emphasis on Molds by THL Johnnae llyn Lewis

In addition there will be 4 intros to brewing classes taught by Captain Reinhardt WyGryff von Graham zu Livland where the students will leave with a gallon of homebrew to continue to ferment at home. This brewing track includes:

  • Basic Cider
  • Basic Beer
  • Intro to Wine
  • Intro to Mead

These 9 Hands-On cooking and brewing classes are in additional to the 90+ other classes we will be having at this year’s fall RUM.

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