Bids For Spring Crown and Coronation Solicited

Citizens of the Middle Kingdom, I bid thee greetings!

This weekend The Heirs, Nikolai and Serena will ascend to the Dragon Throne. In Three weeks, They will hold a tournament to decide Their Heirs.

These new Heirs will require Coronation and Crown Tournament events. To that end, the bidding process for Spring Coronation (May 7th, 2016) and Spring Crown Tournament and Kingdom A&S (May 28-29, 2016) is now open. 

Bids for Spring Coronation will be due by Midnight November 8th.
Bids for Spring Crown Tournament and Kingdom A&S will be due by midnight December 1st to allow for the holiday.

If there is anything I can do to advise or help you with submitting a bid, please let me know.

In Service to the Middle,

HL Gwalchmai ap Bledig, called Maleachi
Kingdom Event Coordinator