Early Period Tournament at Red Dragon

Unto the Warriors of the Dragon does Diglach MacCein, Curra of the realm and Ri Fianna of Ballae Ban, bring a challenge for word fame at Tournament of Red Dragon

In the age of the Red Branch, two mighty Champions, Cú Chulainn amd Feridad, met at a ford to do single combat. The fought one another for three days, until The Hound of Ulster stood victorious.

To celebrate this, at Red Dragon there will be an opportunity for a group of you to do honor to the memory of this deed, and earn word fame of your own.

In the afternoon, 24 warriors, armed and armored as befits noble combatants of the age before the turn of the millennium, gather at a ford to face one another ins single combat, with the victor claiming a prize and word fame.

Pay heeds to the Rules of Combat for this Challenge!

No more than 24 warriors will be allowed to take part.

The shall be armed and armored as befits high rank warriors of the time period ending at 1000 AD, and meet the appearance requirements of The Midrealm Crown Tourney.

Weapons allowed shall be appropriate of the age, and limited to the following:

  • Sword or axe and shield
  • Axe or cudgel no longer than 4′
  • Spear no longer than 6′

All other weapons and fighting forms will be disallowed.

Combatants may fight with weapon of choice, no requirement for matched weapons in the preliminary bouts, except by mutual agreement.

There shall be a boundary marked out on the ground, representing the ford. Retreating beyond this perimeter shall incur a penalty of either fighting from their knees, or loss of the use of either arm, at the choice of that warrior.

Bouts will be fought single elimination, until the final two combatants are determined.

The final two shall fight three bouts, with the first to take two declared the victor. In honor of the 2 days that Cu Chulainn and Feridad did battle, I ask that all three bouts be completed.

So come forth and test your will and skills, earn great word fame, and bring honor to your inspirations, and their Majesties of the Dragon Throne.