New Baron and Baroness of Flaming Gryphon Announced

Greetings unto the people of the Middle Kingdom!GryphonArms

After a long and successful tenure as Baron and Baroness of Flaming Gryphon, Dafydd and Meriel have requested that they step down and a new Baron and Baroness be selected as their replacements. Four sets of extremely worthy gentles stepped forward, any of which would have been outstanding successors. After reviewing the Baronial poll results We are minded to install Edward Foxley and Allegra Ginevra Soave da Napoli as the sixth Baron and Baroness of Flaming Gryphon. They will be elevated to their new station at the Grand Tournament of the Unicorn (April 2) in the Marche of the Unicorn. We have full confidence that they will govern over Our lands in a just and honorable manner.

Nikolai, Tsar & Serena, Tsarina