Monthly Archive: March 2016

Baron Illiton Calls for Assistance

Oyez! Oyez! Oyez!

I, Wilhelm, Baron, holding in fief from the Dragon Throne the lands of Illiton and Lochmorrow, send Greetings and Salutations.

It has become clear to my mind that the peace and tranquility of the Midlands Region, in which reside the lands and fief of Illiton and Lochmorrow, are threatened by the sinister machinations of persons or agencies unknown. Even the stability of the Kontare League and the hard-won unity of the Baronies of the Midlands, established and maintained from antiquity by ancient treaty is endangered by these unknown provocateurs.


Help Make Midrealm Banners for SCA 50

The call has gone out across the Middle Kingdom for Midrealm banners that can be donated to the Kingdom to be flown throughout the skies of the SCA 50 event.

The Region of Constellation has heard the call and will be setting up a banner painting section at this May’s Swine and Roses.

The event will set up an area where the populace can learn the basics of silk painting on Constellation banners, that will then be donated to the Kingdom.

In addition, silk painting kits will available for people to make their own personal banners.

Please join the Barony of White Waters on May 21st to help create as many Baronial, Constellation, and Populace banners as possible.

Call for Contenders for Crown Tournament

Crown Tournament is just about 2 months away. If you wish to participate in that endeavor, you must write to the Heirs at with your intent to compete.

Additionally, it is required to supply me with the appropriate documentation including membership for fighter and consort (that is good until at least October 2016, preferably until June of 2017), driver’s license or government ID showing birth month and year as well as current address, and authorization card. I will also need a valid email address and phone number.
This information can be sent to me at

These letters are due by Their Coronation Day, May 7, 2016.

In service,
Dame Caitriona MacDhonnachaidh
Kingdom Seneschal

From Their Royal Majesties

From Their Royal Majesties:

We enjoyed Gulf Wars immensely, and are indebted to all MidRealm folk who traveled so far to support the Kingdom. While the storms were frightening, We were greatly moved by the way in which everyone pulled together to safeguard our own. In times of real need, We are encouraged to know that we truly care for each other.

To memorialize this moment, We are minded to grant everyone who attended Gulf Wars 25 a Royal Augmentation of Arms — specifically, a zephyr incorporated into your arms as you see fit. This augmentation will last for a year and a day.

Thank you again.

Nikolai & Serena

From Their Majesties, AS 50 (April 2016)

Greetings unto the good people of the Middle Kingdom from your Tsar and Tsarina!

We hope that you are well recovered from Our expedition to the far south. We had a glorious time at Gulf Wars where we found Our fill of fighting, arts, dancing, drinking and general merrymaking! Our profound thanks to the stouthearted people of the Midrealm who were able to support Our progress, even into the southernmost lands of the Known Worlde.


Court Reports, January and February AS 50 (2016)

herald_75x75Court of Their Majesties Nikolai and Serena, held on 23 January AS 50 (CE 2016), at Middle Marches Twelfth Night in Barony of the Middle Marches.
Heralded by Edborough Kellie, Anna of the Western Hill. Seneschal was Maggie O’Donnell.

  • Purple Fretty: House Ballae Ban
  • AoA: Albrecht Edmundson, Crys of Tirnewydd, Otto von Baden, Luna Vennatori, Ingela Godswinsdottir, Andreas Renardi, Maerwyn of Tirnewydd, Manne de Lynn
  • Cavendish Knot: Acelin of the Wilds
  • Red Company: Luca Sogliano
  • Purple Fret: Servius of Tirnewydd, Isobel Muire, Sasha Turcital, Evja Haerulfskona, Egill Gunnbjarnarson, Joan Della Torre


Letter from the Kingdom Exchequer, AS50 (April 2016)

exchequersmGreeting, Exchequers!

WOW! It’s April already.

Ok, now to business….

1) New stuff from the Kingdom Exchequer/Seneschal Symposium

a. Changes for Event fee wording – It’s now time to use the new wording. Please inform your event stewards and make changes to your Event web pages. We are no longer using NMS (non-member) surcharge wording. Please use the following terms from now on:

  1. Registration (site fee + $5 (NMS))
  2. Member Registration (adult member site fee)
  3. No changes for minor or feast wording.


Words from the Kingdom Seneschal, AS 50 (April 2016)

seneschal_75x75Remember when you started out at the Kids Table at holiday gatherings. Somehow, you never quite seem to get chair at the adult table. The adults get first dibs on the choice cuts. Your older cousin gets to ride up front in the family car because they have “time in grade,” and so on. And perhaps the older cousin got to do other stuff that you know you could do if you just had the chance. It was frustrating. Maybe you wanted to be the one who held the leash when the family dog got taken for walks. You wanted to be trusted with responsibilities so you could show how well you performed. You wanted to be given a chance.