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Call for Pennsic Archer Champions

Greetings Unto the Archers of the Midrealm from Baniarla Aibhilin ni Dhomhnaill, Lt. General for Target Archery

Spring is finally upon us and with it comes Archery Season!!  If you are no lucky enough to have an indoor range, it is time to dust off those bows and pull out your arrows.  I am very excited to announce that we will be looking for candidates for the Pennsic Archer Champions team.  Yes, anyone can try out for the team.  To do so, all you need to do is practice, practice, practice and, of course, get to as many archery events as you can.  Check the Kingdom Calendar.  There are already a number of events scheduled that will have archery and in May there are two events that are focused solely on archery – Pentamere’s Archer College and Fletchings of Spring.

I am also strongly encouraging all archers to participate in the Seasonal Archery Challenge and the SPACS or the Middle Kingdom Royal Round.  The Seasonal Archery Challenge is Society-wide.  The current challenge is called “Piety or Pride” and the rules may be found here:  The SPACS and Royal Round are both Midrealm shoots, though the SPACS is open to all kingdoms.  Rules for both may be found here:

I would also like to take this time to announce our Regional Commanders.  These people will be attending archery events and collecting recommendations for the Champions team.  If you see any of them, please make sure to introduce yourself.  They will also be making themselves known to you.

Midlands: Sven Ivarsson

North Oaken: Forester Muldonny McVriw

South Oaken: Melissa Di Constantino

Pentamere: Lord Will O’hAnain
Sub-Commanders: Forester GenRose, Lord Wolfrick of Donnershafen

I do have an opening in Constellation that I would very much like to fill.  If you are interested, please send an email to

In Service to the Kingdom,

Grand Council Disbanded

The Grand Council was formed in 1994; a time before email and social media. There was a need then for a committee that made sure that the membership had a way to communicate with the directors on issues of importance to the SCA. Twenty years later, members have access to the Internet and with it direct lines of communication to the directors and Corporate officers. We know we still have problems receiving input from, and transmitting information to, the membership; but we don’t think an intermediary body provides us with the solution to these problems today.So with thanks for the long and faithful service of the Grand Council, we have decided to disband the committee and work on new methods and approaches for increasing our responsiveness to the members of the SCA.

Society President John Fulton, Director Richard Sherman, and Director Andrew Coleman have been directed to investigate the creation of a new vehicle to facilitate communication between the membership and the directors that recognizes and utilizes the changes in technology, demographics and culture that have changed the way the Society conducts business in the 22 years since creation of the Grand Council.

Board of Directors, SCA Inc

Midrealm Court Reports, Feb / March AS 50

Court of Their Majesties Nikolai and Serena, 27 February AS 50 (CE 2016), held at A Regular Event in the Cleftlands: Dancing with the Tsars, in Their Barony of the Cleftlands.
Heralded by Alys Katharine, Furius, Steve of Tirnewydd, Ann Langley, Kateline Eliot. Seneschal was Gianna Vettori.

  • Purple Fretty: North Oaken Recorder Ensemble
  • AoA: Sophie Capella, Eilis the Stone, Katherine Coscombe, Estuvam Nunez
  • Red Company: Sirius of Cleftlands
  • Cavendish Knot: Jao Veludo Alfonso d’Albuquerque, Auric Jaegerwolf
  • Purple Fret: Angharad ferch Tangwystl, Cathan Mac An Bhaird, Algar Irenhande, Kenrick Harper
  • Doe’s Grace: Brendoaken Chapter of the Silver Thimble Guild, Brice Calquhoun
  • Evergreen: Niccolo Bartolazzi
  • Greenwood Company: Muldonny McVriw
  • Dragon’s Heart: Gebhard Rauten
  • Court Barony: Farthegn Rinksson, Colette Du Pré


Call For Donations To SCA 50 Volunteers

Attention, Talented Artisans of the Society for Creative Anachronism

In the Society for Creative Anachronism, we are a collective of volunteers, each serving in their own way at one point or another so that all may have a chance to play, enjoy, learn and have fun. It is on this mantra that the SCA has gone on for 50 years now, and shall continue to do so.

As we Celebrate 50 Years of the Society, many of our SCA family will be considering attending the SCA 50 Year Celebration Event, June 17th through the 27th of this year and many of them will be giving their time and service to the event, staffing the Gate, serving on the Watch, Marshalling the Lists.

Guards Wanted for Midrealm SCA 50 Display

Calling all Midrealmers – The Dragon Needs You!

We are looking for Volunteers to fill shifts watching over the Midrealms Treasures at The SCA 50 Year Celebration Event in Indiana this coming June.

We are looking for Volunteers to stand guard in 1 hour shifts during the hours the display will be open from Sunday June 19th – Friday June 24th.

We will have guards working in pairs.

To sign up for a shift, check out the form here!

SCA 50 Year Great Hall Schedule

Every evening, beginning at 9 p.m., there will be a grand celebration in the Great Hall to highlight communities, traditions, and aspects of the SCA.

Welcome Celebration (Friday, June 17) – We kick off our evening celebrations with a chance to sit down, relax, and enjoy catching up with old friends after the first day of activities. There will be pick-up music and dancing as our energy levels permit, as well as light refreshments.

Society Archives at University of California Riverside

Decluttering? Want “backup” copies of your SCA scrolls, photos? Did you know that the University of California Riverside Libraries has created a permanent SCA archival collection?

In September 2011, the SCA announced that the University of California Riverside Libraries will be opening a permanent Society for Creative Anachronism Special Collection and Archive. Melissa Conway, then Head of Special Collections, and Master Aldred von Lechsend aus Froschheim (Charles Alderson), the Society Archivist, were approached by author and former UCR alumnus and Special Collections assistant Daryl Mallett (THL Vallawulf Rurikson) in early 2011 to provide a permanent home for the SCA.

“It made sense,” said Mallett in an interview with KGVY News. “The Eaton Collection is the largest collection of science fiction and fantasy in the world. The SCA’s founder is fantasy writer Diana Paxson and lots of sf/f writers have been part of the SCA over the years. We also have dozens of printing presses and other anachronisms in the collections, as well as hundreds of medieval books and manuscripts and incunabula…” (more…)