Call for Pennsic Archer Champions

Greetings Unto the Archers of the Midrealm from Baniarla Aibhilin ni Dhomhnaill, Lt. General for Target Archery

Spring is finally upon us and with it comes Archery Season!!  If you are no lucky enough to have an indoor range, it is time to dust off those bows and pull out your arrows.  I am very excited to announce that we will be looking for candidates for the Pennsic Archer Champions team.  Yes, anyone can try out for the team.  To do so, all you need to do is practice, practice, practice and, of course, get to as many archery events as you can.  Check the Kingdom Calendar.  There are already a number of events scheduled that will have archery and in May there are two events that are focused solely on archery – Pentamere’s Archer College and Fletchings of Spring.

I am also strongly encouraging all archers to participate in the Seasonal Archery Challenge and the SPACS or the Middle Kingdom Royal Round.  The Seasonal Archery Challenge is Society-wide.  The current challenge is called “Piety or Pride” and the rules may be found here:  The SPACS and Royal Round are both Midrealm shoots, though the SPACS is open to all kingdoms.  Rules for both may be found here:

I would also like to take this time to announce our Regional Commanders.  These people will be attending archery events and collecting recommendations for the Champions team.  If you see any of them, please make sure to introduce yourself.  They will also be making themselves known to you.

Midlands: Sven Ivarsson

North Oaken: Forester Muldonny McVriw

South Oaken: Melissa Di Constantino

Pentamere: Lord Will O’hAnain
Sub-Commanders: Forester GenRose, Lord Wolfrick of Donnershafen

I do have an opening in Constellation that I would very much like to fill.  If you are interested, please send an email to

In Service to the Kingdom,