King’s Archery Yeoman Tournament At Coronation

Oyez, oyez, all combat archers pray attend! At Coronation, jointly hosted by Steren Codha and Narrental, We will be hosting a King’s Yeoman Tournament. The winner will serve as the King’s Yeoman throughout Our reign and will be charged with encouraging combat archery, training combat archers, and serving Us in those situation when a combat archer is what is needed.

What’s that you say? You don’t know what a Yeoman’s Tournament is? Well let me explain. The field will be¬†large enough to safely allow combat archery, but not large enough to be out range of your opponent. It will be bisected by a small “river.” Each combatant will be allowed three arrows/quarrels and whatever rattan weapon she/he chooses (shields are not allowed to be used as pavises). At lay-on the combatants may loose their arrows. Once a combatant is out of arrows, she/he must discard the bow and pick up his/her weapon and advance to the river. Once a combatant enters the river a brief hold will be called to allow the opponent to safely discard the bow to arm her/himself, and then combat will continue until only one combatant remains. Combatants will be matched on a traditional tournament tree and the tournament will be single elimination.

So prepare your armor, wax your bowstring, and sharpen your sword and test your mettle.

Edmund and Kateryn