From the Earl Marshal, March AS LI

Unto all who read these words, greetings.

Let it be known that we will implement off-helm inspections. We will be feeling and visually inspecting helms for internal protrusions, weak welds, excessive rust, dents, broken down padding, or suspension systems or any other safety concerns.

I would like to see helms inspections take place as you check into the list table (off to the side) with your cards. The intent is not to slow things down too much at list or inspection point but to integrate an enhanced inspection process. Also, please gauge the bar grills of helms at this time. I expect any padding or other fixable issues to be taken care of at this time with help and guidance from the marshals.

Training/education will take place and continue throughout the next few months.

This is a new process. Please be patient, polite, and help each other “Live the Dream.”

Draco Invictus!
Savaric, Kingdom Earl Marshal