First Tournament of the Greenwood – April 8, 2017

Please join us for our first Tournament of the Greenwood to be held on Saturday, April 8 in the Barony of Sternfeld at the Grand Pageant Tournament of Chivalry and Ball.

This is an open tournament for both archery and thrown weapons in which you may try your skills against a Forester of the Greenwood Company. There will be two lists: a duel list and a coaching list. In the Duel, challenge a Forester to a duel. There will be a set of fun and challenging targets from which to choose. Or, if you rather, invite a Forester to shoot with you just for fun and use that opportunity to get pointers. Learn what it’s like to shoot on the Champion’s team. Learn some tips and tricks to better improve your skills. If you make your own equipment, bring examples of your craftsmanship to share.

There will also be a round table called “Ask the Forester.” Sit down and have a chat. Talk about archery and thrown weapons, ask questions, get pointers on putting together a fun archer event, and more!