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Heraldic Job Openings: Opinicus Pursuivant and Incunabula Pursuivant,


Thora Grimudottir, Opinicus Pursuivant, has informed me that she needs to step down from that office.

Therefore I am looking for applicants for Opinicus Pursuivant and Incunabula Pursuivant, which is currently vacant.

Opinicus is responsible for sending notifications to submitters after decisions are made at the Kingdom or Society level. They need to take each decision and expand it into a personalized letter. Notifications are sent by email through the Online System for Commentary and Response (OSCAR). They also need to track who has picked up notifications and send notification by mail if not picked up or in cases without email addresses. Opinicus is a deputy to the Rouge Scarpe Herald.

The Incunabula is Opinicus’ deputy. The ideal is to have Incunabula Pursuivant in training to take over eventually as Opinicus. If they want to split the responsibilities that is also acceptable. In the past Incunabula handled Kingdom notifications and Opinicus the Society level ones.

These are primarily administrative offices but at least a basic knowledge of book heraldry is beneficial. These are important positions to the heraldic process and I would like to have them filled as soon as possible. If you are interested or have any questions contact me at by May 25th.

In Service to Crown and College,

Konrad Dragon

February Heraldic Decisions

The February Letter of Acceptances and Returns has been published. Here are the decisions for the Middle Kingdom. The letter can be found online here:
Official notification will be sent to the submitters from the Opinicus Pursuivant, Thora Grimudottir. Look for an email form ; if you have items in submission you may want to add it to your address book as we have occasionally had issues with spam filters grabbing them. Please make sure to follow the link in the email as that lets us know that you have received the notification.


Americk Gilead. Name change from Cathal Drach (see RETURNS for device).
This name was documented in the Letter of Intent as the combination of a Dutch given name and an English byname. At the Pelican decision meeting, Christopher Liber documented Americk as an English surname dated to 1579 in the FamilySearch Historical Records. Americk therefore can be treated as a given name, making this an entirely late-period English name.
The submitter’s prior name, Cathal Drach, is retained as an alternate name.

Aoife inghean Eoghain. Device. Argent, three tortoises azure.
Nice device!

Arnóra in skarpa. Name and device. Per chevron argent and vert, two pairs of arrows inverted in saltire vert and a horse rampant argent.
There has been some question about whether arrows have a DC from arrows inverted. Appendix L states that “Long charges of identical types may also receive a DC for facing – the change from dexter facing to sinister facing and from upright to inverted – if they have a clearly defined point or head.” Properly depicted arrows meet this requirement, and can thus receive a DC for upright vs. inverted. This device is therefore clear of Rowland Taylor, Per chevron argent and vert, two pairs of arrows in saltire and a bear’s head couped counterchanged., with one DC for the type of the basemost charge and another for inverting the arrows.

Ava Steinbock. Name.
The submitter requested authenticity for “13th or 14th century (if needed!).” This name is not authentic because it combines an early 17th century Dutch or English given name with a late 16th century German byname. However, the name is registerable.

Christian Atzinger. Name.
Nice 15th century German name!

Donald MacBrew. Name (see RETURNS for device).
MacBrew is a registerable interpolated form based on the documented period Manx forms McBrow, McBrewe, Brew, and Briew, dated between 1408 and 1648 in A.W. Moore, The Manx Note Book, Vol. 2, pp. 155-6 and in Reaney & Wilson, s.n. Brew.

Lucretia Natta. Name and device. Azure, a sea-horse argent maintaining a candle enflamed Or and on a chief argent three gouttes des larmes.
Artist’s note: While the gouttes are technically twice as long as they are wide, we encourage the submitter to depict them taller.

Marilla of the Vale. Name.
Marilla is the submitter’s legal given name.
The byname of the Vale is the lingua Anglica form of the documented Middle English byname del la Val, which is found in Reaney and Wilson, Dictionary of English Surnames, s.n. Vale dated to 1190.

Roarr Rekksson. Name and device. Quarterly sable and argent, four boars statant respectant counterchanged argent and gules.
Submitted as Roarr Rekkrsson, we have changed the byname to Rekksson to use the correct grammar.
The submitter initially requested authenticity for “780 Dane/Norse/Pict Migration Period.” During commentary, he dropped this authenticity request in favor of a request for the name as close to the submitted spelling as possible. However, the submitter may be interested to know that Hróarr Rekksson appears to be an authentic Old East Norse form for the 10th century. If he prefers this form, he may submit a request for reconsideration.

Rüdiger of the Flaming Gryphon. Device. Per chevron vert and sable, two bears combatant Or and a tower argent.
Artist’s note: Please provide internal detailing for the bears.

Sybella of Dragon’s Mark. Badge. (Fieldless) A unicorn contourny quarterly azure and argent.

Ts’eng K’ai. Name.
Submitted as Kai Tseng, with the submitter’s permission we have changed the name to Ts’eng K’ai to use the correct Chinese naming pattern and Romanization.

Victorius Suspectus. Badge. (Fieldless) A scorpion within and conjoined to an annulet sable.


Americk Gilead. Device. Argent, a bend sinister gules cotised and overall a raven displayed sable.
This device submission must unfortunately be returned administratively: the black and white and the color emblazon are blazonably different. The bend sinister in the outline drawing is fimbriated, while the color emblazon has the bend sinister cotised.
The use of a raven displayed is a step from period practice. We note that a fimbriated ordinary surmounted by another charge is also a step from period practice, which would likewise be grounds for return when combined with the displayed bird. If the intent of the submitter is to use cotises rather than fimbriation, this will not be an issue.

Donald MacBrew. Device. Gules, a triskelion of armored arms argent, a bordure embattled Or.
This device is returned for conflict with the Lord of the Isle of Man (important non-SCA arms), Gules, a triskelion of armored legs argent. There is one DC for the addition of the bordure. However, a triskelion of armored legs closely resembles a triskelion of armored arms to the point that we cannot grant a DC between the two.
We decline to rule at this point whether triskelions of any discrete charge conflict with triskelions of any other discrete charges.

Wendell of Dark River. Device. Gyronny arrondi Or, azure, Or, sable, Or, azure, Or, sable.
This device is returned for conflict with Campbell, Duke of Argyle, Gyronny Or and sable, and Ottar Hrafnsson, Gyronny arrondy Or and azure. For each of these, only one quarter of the field tincture is changed.
This device is also returned for lack of documentation of gyronny arrondi of three tinctures. While the submitter provided several examples of tri-tinctured gyronny fields, no documentation was provided for gyronny arrondi of three tinctures. Absent such documentation, gyronny arrondi of three tinctures is not registerable.

A&S at Martial Rum

Not interested in taking combat related classes at Martial RUM?

Join us in our A&S Solar, located in the school’s Media Center. We will have Open Arts and Sciences activities starting at 11am. Bring your own projects or use the many supplies we will be furnishing for your use while at the event. We will be painting silk banners (fun and easy to learn!), creating illuminations and more. Do you have a skill you could show the rest of us? Please feel free to bring your projects and share. Also happening at the Solar is a celebration of tea! Many varieties will be available, please come share in a steaming cup! Please see Baroness Emer Von Atzinger and THL Honor Von Atzinger for more information.

The Kingdom Exchequer Speaks!

Greetings unto the Exchequers and populace of the Middle Kingdom.

I am excited to say that our PayPal Deputy Exchequer, Alays Salle (), held the first Epay training class at Ceilidh in April. She will be visiting events in different regions of the Kingdom over the year to provide the training, but is also offering it as long distance training using an online system. Please contact her about taking the training course if you are interested in offering online advance registration for your event.

Due to the tremendous work of our local group exchequers, Regional Deputy Exchequers, and Domesday Deputy, we submitted our end-of-year reports to the Society within a timely manner. Please take a moment to say thank you to your local exchequers and join me in thanking the following deputies:

  • Constellation Regional – THL Elayne Gwenhlian De Belleme
  • Midlands Regional – Lady Bojei Temur (former) and Lady Gillian Eleanor of Roseholm (current) North/South Oaken Regional – THL Ooyama Tarou Hideyasu
  • Pentamere Regional Exchquer – Lord Tristan Bartolo de la Vega
and a special thanks to the Domesday deputy THL Ooyama Tarou Hideyasu who takes all the information given to him, checks it, and consolidates it to send to the Society.

Unfortunately, I do also need to take a moment to reiterate the necessity of reporting in a timely manner to your regional exchequers. It is a requirement to submit monthly financial reports to the regional exchequer by the end of the following month, i.e., January financial report is due by February 28. This has been in place since early in 2016 and will be enforced (especially now that Domesday season is over). Your regional exchequers will report to me by the 15th of each month with a list detailing which groups are complying with Kingdom policy. Groups not in compliance are subject to sanctions up to and including ineligibility to offer PayPal/Epay registration options, financial probation, and suspension.

I am always available to the exchequers and populace of the kingdom to answer any questions, follow up on any concerns, or offer training. Please feel free to contact me at at any time.

Yours in service,

Missive from the Kingdom Earl Marshall

Draco Invictus!

We have a few minor rule changes to the Combat Archery.

  1. Fiberglass-shafted ammo: The red electrical tape around the point of the APD is not required.
  2. Fiberglass-shafted ammo does not have to be red. The color must contrast with the head and cannot be more than 10% yellow. This applies to the wrap around the base and the crossover.
  3. Tubular ammo: The duct tape covering the head does not have to be red. The tape must contrast the head and may not be more than 10% yellow.

Archery marshals will wear eye protection!

Cessation of all fighting if the Heat Index reaches 108. (more…)

Words from the Kingdom Seneschal

Greetings unto the Populace of the Midrealm.

As the winds of change blow across the lands, do the clouds clear and we see a glimpse of the future on the horizon. I want to thank Dame Caitriona MacDhonnachaidh for her time as Kingdom Seneschal and all her good works there in, as well as her deputies, some of who are changing out also. I hope to continue on where she left off, and will do my best for our Kingdom and it’s people. (more…)

From Their Royal Highnesses

Greetings to the populace of the Middle Kingdom.

This is Our last Pale letter as Prince and Princess of the Middle Kingdom. On May 6th, We will ascend to the throne of the Middle Kingdom and continue on Our royal journey. We would like to thank everyone who has supported Us on the throne so far. Our royal household and many friends have made Our journeys easier and allowed Us the opportunity to range far and wide, in and out of kingdom. Our time on the throne as the summer King and Queen is short and We have much to do. (more…)

From Their Majesties: The Midrealm On The March

Greetings unto the noble people of the MidRealm from Edmund and Kateryn,

First, We travelled to the east on Crusade to rescue the stolen relics of the Midrealm. Those relics are now safely back in the care of Our Regalia Minister.

Then, We travelled south to Crusade for peace between Our Royal Cousins of Trimaris and Ansteorra and with the might of the Midrealm at Our side We were able to achieve an uneasy peace.

But these Crusades have dwindled the Kingdom’s resources, so We must now travel a short distance but with great purpose: to replenish Our supplies of the great Black Stone so needed in the making of good steel for armor and weapons.

So do We call upon all sturdy warriors of the Midrealm and those who support them to load the caravans, sharpen swords and arrows, and oil the machines of war and join Us in Our Crusade to Blackstone Mountain in Aethelmarc to obtain the needed stones.

Yours in service,
Edmund and Kateryn