Crown Tourney – Technical Details for Combatants

Greetings to the combatants and consorts of Middle Kingdom Crown Tournament. We have a few additional details for you based on some questions that came to us regarding the procession into morning court.

Each couple will be announced by a herald. The herald will announce all honors, titles and awards you wish for both the combatant and consort. To that end, we ask you to have them prepared in large print on a 5×7 card or an 8 ½ x 11 sheet of paper to give to heralds as you set up for the procession. Having your name printed with the phonetic pronunciation under it will also make the process easier. This will make your wishes easy and clear for the heralds to announce. There will be no boasting – combatants and consorts will be announced into court by the heralds.

As all combatants for Our list have been cleared by the Seneschal you will not need to bring any paperwork to the list table. We suggest you check in to the list table first before doing anything else the morning of Crown. The list table will be open at 9am along with the fighting list for inspections and warm ups. You do not need your fighter card for inspection at this point. Get all your equipment inspected – every item you have regardless of whether you expect to use it or not. Extra swords, other extra weapons and gauntlets are a few of the items fighters often forget to have inspected prior to the tournament. Get it all done up front and that’s one less thing to worry about later. Ensure your long weapons do not exceed 6’ – we will be checking this. You may not bring an uninspected weapon into the tournament – if you get all your weapons inspected at the start, an unexpected weapon failure will not cause an undue delay during the tournament.

There will be list space and the warriors of the warband stand at the ready to give you warm up fights prior to the tournament.

Lastly, please bring a “shield” with your arm for the list tree display. A simple print of the device glued to poster board works nicely or painted arms on thin wood. Size for your device does not have to be a shield but should fit into a 10”x10” square and be recognizable from a distance.

William and Isolde
Rex and Regina