From Their Highnesses – Concerning Crown Tourney

Greetings to the populace of the Middle Kingdom!

We will shortly be ascending to the Throne of the Midrealm and the first duty of the Crown is to find Heirs. As such, We will be holding Our Crown Tournament on October 21 in the Barony of Carraig Ban.

The tournament will be fought as a standard double elimination. Each round will consist of one fight.

The finals will be best three out of five bouts. For the first four bouts, weapon styles may not be repeated, and the combatants are not required to match styles. For the first and third bouts the combatant whose inspiration is lower in precedence shall announce their style first with the other combatant then answering what they will fight with. For the second and fourth bout the other combatant shall announce their style first with the other combatant then answering. If a fifth bout is necessary, combatants may bring whatever style they wish, even if it has been previously used in the finals.

The weapon styles for the finals will be defined as any single hand weapon and shield, any single-hand weapon and small buckler (18” or less), two weapons, spear, two-handed sword, pole-arm, and single dagger.

Weapons of any length that meet the Middle Kingdom rules of Armored Combat are allowed.

No backup weapons will be allowed.

Shields must be of a reasonable size, size proportional to the combatant’s body and weight proportional to the size of the shield.

We expect all combatants’ gear to be in good repair at the start of the tournament. Helmets are to be clean of inspection stickers and tape. Armor is not to be taped together (with the exception of necessary repairs during the tournament). No obvious mundane objects are to appear in the list.

Each couple is required to have an Arts and Science piece to display during the tournament. We ask that the piece be brought before Us during the procession so that We may see the good work of those seeking to be Our Heirs.

Letters of Intent must be received by Our Coronation on September 23. For any non-Peer combatant we also require a Letter of Recommendation from a Peer of Our Realm. In addition, both combatant and consort must provide proof of membership through the end of their potential reign as well as modern identification to our Kingdom Seneschal, Master Justice McArtain. Please send documents to .
We look forward to a wonderful tournament full of deeds that will be praised long after the tournament is over.

Cellach and Vukasin
Prince and Princess of the Midrealm