Cellach & Vukasin – Plans for the Reign

Greetings to the Middle Kingdom

In several days We will see many of you at Our Coronation. As such, the time has come to talk some about what Our plans are for Our Reign. First though, We want to thank William and Isolde for Their service as King and Queen. They have worked very hard and We hope to be able to serve as well as They have.

First, We will call for fealties from Our Peerages and the Populace during Court at the following events. If you wish to swear fealty and are unable to attend one of these events find Us and We will either add fealties to the Court List, or have you swear outside of Court. Here are the events:

  • September 23 – Coronation (during morning court)
  • October 21 – Crown Tournament
  • October 28 – Red Dragon
  • November 3 – Grand Day of Tournaments
  • November 11 – Crystal Ball

Next, We are sponsoring a pilgrimage. To complete you will need to attend an event in each region of the Middle Kingdom as well as an event outside of the Middle Kingdom. (We would recommend Gulf Wars).

We are also sponsoring two “hunts,” one for archery and another for thrown weapons. To complete the hunt, shoot or throw at five events.

Once you complete the pilgrimage or one of the hunts, find Us at an event and let Us know. We have special tokens for those that complete these challenges.

We will also be sponsoring prowess based archery and thrown weapons competitions. We will share the details of those competitions in a separate post.

It is well known that Vukasin has a love of spears and of spear fighting. As such, She will be sponsoring 6’ spear tournaments at many events that She attends.

We have more plans to share but they will be contained in other posts.