Middle Kingdom Royal Archery Challenge

In an effort to encourage the prowess of Our archers, We will be sponsoring an archery competition. It is our hope that scores will be submitted through the Midrealm Archery Scores page. We will announce the victors at Spring Coronation.

We thank Master Dougale MacAlestyr for his assistance in creating the shoot. He tells Us that much of the research in this hasty document is attributed to Sir Jon Fitz-Rauf OL, OP of the West Kingdom

Good shooting
Cellach and Vukasin

Middle Kingdom Royal Archery Challenge

Separate divisions for hand bows and crossbows and for Greenwood and populace archers (four total divisions – populace hand bow, populace crossbow, Greenwood hand bow, and Greenwood crossbow).

Shoot will run from Fall Coronation (September 23, 2017) to a week before Spring Coronation (in other words the shoot will end on Sunday April 29, 2018)

Scores will be collected via the Mid Realm Archery Scores site. The score site will be available shortly

Wreath Shoot

Wreaths, garlands and chaplets were a common target. They show up in the Robin Hood legends and other sources. The round target in the fourteenth century illustration of archers shooting at the butts in the Luttrell Psalter may be a wreath because in clear copies of the drawing the white rings on the butts can be seen to have curved lines inside them.

Vines were easy to find and when braided into a circle, they made a handy target.

If an actual wreath is used it can be decorated with leaves and flowers. If the wreath is made with actual flowers, it can be given to the winner of the shoot. The wreath was often placed on stake.

  • Distance = 20 yards
  • Wreath inner diameter 8″
  • Scoring = 2 points per arrow in the inner circle of the wreath
  • 6 arrows
  • Untimed

The Wand shoot

The Target: For the ease of reproducibility and cost effectiveness, a single strip of duct tape 2 inches wide with a length of 3 feet, mounted to a suitable backing. This is to simulate the practice of shooting at freshly cut green tree branches which were no more than 2 inches wide.

  • Distance = 20 yards
  • Untimed
  • 6 arrows
  • Scoring 2 points per touch.

The Bullseye shoot

The target face is equal in size to the current five ring, 60 cm. Period division target now in use for the IKAC. The target may be made by hand, by using a compass. The diameters of the rings are 6 cm. for the peg (center dot), 24 cm. for the roundel and 60 cm. for the outer circle the black line between the rings may be no wider than 2 mm. The outer gold ring is not part of the target.

The roundel and peg can also be any contrasting colors, such as a white peg with a black roundel, which was the more period practice.

  • Distance = 20 yards
  • Timed 30 sec
  • Scoring:
    • Outer Circle = 2 points
    • Roundel = 4 points
    • Peg = 8 points