From the Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences, January AS LII

Greetings from Sofya Chyudskaya Smolyanina to the good people of our kingdom! As we wrap up one year and look ahead to the next, here are many exciting new developments I wish to share with you.

First, the Spring A&S Faire approaches—and in addition to the new A&S rules (which you can find on the KMOAS website), we have revamped all the criteria. My biggest advice to entrants is to read the criteria carefully, especially for those of you who are familiar with the older versions and want to be aware of any changes in your chosen categories. Here are some main points about the changes:

  1. We have new or expanded categories in Brewing & Vinting, Animal Breeding and Training, Weaving, Fiber Preparation for Spinning, and multiple categories in Division 1.
  2. On that note, Division 1 has received a complete makeover. Instead of dividing categories between European and Non-European, or between different types of instruments, these categories are now organized by time period. Dance Performance is now one worldwide category. Jugglin and Tumbling are now Physical Performance. Bardic Recitation now has two categories renamed “Spoken Performance.” Literary Composition categories have been expanded to include multiple genres. We even have two Miscellaneous categories, one for Literary Arts and one for Performing Arts.
  3. Non-European Costume has been rolled in with the other Costume categories defined by time period.
  4. Each division now has a Miscellaneous category.
  5. Nothing been eliminated. Some categories have been renamed, reorganized, or split into multiple new categories, but if you were planning an entry in X, X is still there.
  6. The Creativity section in each category has been replaced by Ingenuity. The goal for this change is to focus more on the entrant’s inventiveness in approaching the entry, which was not necessarily served well by the older language.
  7. Mail-in entries must be sent by January 15, 2018.
  8. We have temporarily placed the categories on the KMOAS website so they can be viewed by anyone. It will take more time for us to convert the files so they can be compatible with the Faire website before it will be ready for entrants and judges to register. We hope to have this in place in time for the mail-in entry deadline. In the meantime, I thank each of you for your patience, and gratitude for those of you who are already planning ahead.

This project has been spearheaded by Baron Andreas, assisted by Baroness Eleanor von Atzinger, and contributed to by experts in every single field throughout our kingdom. Is it a cast of thousands? Maybe not, but sure feels like it, in the best way possible! To everyone who helped work to improve our criteria and make it a better experience for entrants and judges, HUZZAH!!!

In addition, our regional faires have been scheduled:

  • February 24 — North Oaken (Falcon’s Quarry)
  • March 10 — South Oaken (Winged Hills)
  • March 31 — Constellation (Sternfeld, Better War Through Archery)
  • April 14 — Pentamere (Nordheim)
  • April 21 — Midlands (Ravenslake)

There are many more thanks to share as we wrap up the year. I would like to extend a big thank you to Baroness Verena Entenwirth for her years of service as RUM Chancellor, and welcome Baroness Eleanor von Atzinger into this role. I would also like to offer my most sincere gratitude for Mistress Halle of Mugmort for her service as Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences. She has been, and continues to remain, an inspiration both for her passion and dedication to the arts and sciences community.

As always, our kingdom is a mighty force in the arts and sciences. Keep learning, making, and sharing what you know with others!

And I bow to you,
Masteritsa Sofya Chyudskaya Smolyanina
Interim Kingdom Minister of Arts & Sciences