Monthly Archive: February 2018

Court Reports – December-January, AS LII

Court of Their Majesties Cellach and Vukasin, held in Regency by Their Highnesses Alric and Katherine, 16 December AS 52 (CE 2017), at St. Nicholas Tourney in the Barony of the White Waters.
Heralded by Sebastian Hunzicker, Brynniulfr Herleifsson. Seneschal was Sylvertree.

  • Dragon’s Barb: Torvald Swakhammer
  • Purple Fret: Elspeth Glendonwyn of Kirkaldy, Giuliana Lucia Solari, Gwyneth na Fenin, Sylvertree, Sigenandus Blitz

Amendment to the court report for Their Majesties William and Isolde, 10 June AS 52 (CE 2017), held at Northern Oaken War Maneuvers in Falcon’s Quarry.
Heralded by Dmitrii Zhirov, Guillaume Gallatini, Anna of the Western Hill, Kateline Eliot, Ginevra Boscoli, Sorcha Fraser. Seneschals were Cadfan of Cleftlands, Derran le Breton.

  • AoA: Finnvardr Grissom Mjorksiglandi (more…)

The A&S Minister’s Letter, March AS LII

Greetings from Una Wynifreed Berry to the people of the Middle Kingdom

I would like to thank everyone who made Northern Oaken Arts and Sciences Fair successful. Thank you to the Shire of Falcon’s Quarry for sponsoring it, and to the judges, the entrants, and Fair staff for all your hard work.

Remember, the goal of the Regional Arts and Science Fairs is for constructive feedback. The goal of the Kingdom Arts and Sciences Fair is for competition. I am looking forward to seeing all the great entries that are following Arts and Sciences Fairs:

  • March 10 – Southern Oaken – Marche of Winged Hills
  • March 31 – Constellation – Barony of Sternfeld at Better War through Archery
  • April 14 – Pentamere – the Canton of Nordheim
  • April 21 – Midland – the Shire of Ravenslake


From Their Royal Highnesses, March, AS LII

Greetings unto the most noble populace of the Great Middle Kingdom!

We hope that this missive finds you in great comfort, basking in the joy of revelry and friendship from this seasons’ Yule and Candelmas celebrations. As you warm your hearts and feet by your glowing hearths and sup cups of mulled wine to ebb away the chill of the winter’s grasp, know that peace is fragile and, as the sun warms and chases the cruel fingers of winter, so does it fan the flames that does incite the blood to boil and set the Dragon’s face with grim visaged war. Already do We shine our helmets and mail, sharpen Our spears, axes and swords in preparation to follow the King and Queen of the Dragon, Cellach and Vukasin, as They march South to lend aid and arms to our allies. To the Men-at-Arms, Knights, support staff and all members of the populace who travel with Their Majesties, We send Our heartfelt gratitude. Know that We too shall stand the field providing Our broken bodies as ransom should Their Majesties have need. (more…)

From Their Royal Majesties, March AS LII Letter

Greetings Midrealm!

The days have been growing longer and warmer. That can only mean one thing — it’s Gulf Wars time! We have long been looking forward to leading Our troops to the lands of Gleann Abhann for a week of battles, classes, camaraderie, and shopping. With the recent hurricanes in Trimaris and Ansteorra, those two Kingdoms have decided to combine forces this year. With an eye towards maximizing fun and keeping the sides even, it has been decided that the Kingdoms will figure out the sides on site at Gulf Wars. We’ve been working on some other plans for Gulf Wars – things such as paying the army in coin, pickup melees, and a few other secret plans. We ask you to don a Pale and journey south with Us.

One of the privileges of the Crown is to issue proclamations that carry weight for the duration of Their Reign. We issue such a proclamation. The swastika is to not be used by any subject of the Midrealm.

We look forward to seeing you and the future fun we will have together.

Cellach and Vukasin