From Their Royal Majesties, June, AS LIII

Greetings to the Noble Populace of the Midrealm!

We want to first thank Duchess Vukasin and Duke Cellach for their exemplary service to the kingdom as King and Queen and for their inspirational guidance while We were their heirs. It is with a heavy heart We bid them adieu and wish their Graces a peaceful and well deserved rest as they retire to their Duchy.

Coronation was a truly grand event and We would like to thank everyone who put in an effort to make it special. The event was a great triumph and the heart and hard work showed through.

Pennsic is coming, and We would like to remind everyone that the A&S competition is different this year. We will be selecting A&S champions at events from now until July to showcase their talents and strive for war points. If you would like to be considered for the A&S war points please contact M√°istreacht Una Wynifreed Berry our KMOAS at for details on entering and submitting work.

While We are on the subject of Pennsic, We encourage everyone to get excited and ready for high end competition with the East, We would like to remind everyone that courtesy and honor are expected to be followed by the populace of the Great Middle Kingdom. As such We will not tolerate the desecration or negative display of the Symbols of our rivals the East Kingdom. No tiger rugs, skinned tigers, tiger heads, or anything that is designed to create offense to the East or their allies. We discourage any attempt to rally the troops with the degradation of our noble rivals. We ask that as the hot days heat your blood and tempers, you remember that those across the field from us are our friends and are all in this for fierce competition, and even more fierce revelry afterwards.

If a situation arises on the field that needs a marshal, get one. We would be ashamed if any subject of the Midrealm were doing base things such as arguing about who received what strikes, etc. If you have a concern that is not able to be immediately addressed, then quickly go to a marshal. Let’s have fun and remember that victory will be through competition, not arbitration.

Courtesy is a large part of the dream within the SCA and We look forward to putting that at the forefront during this time of war. We are honored and humbled by the strength of the Midrealm’s citizens and look forward to supporting, protecting, being inspired by, and inspiring each of you throughout Our reign.

Thank you all. We know that as a kingdom We will honor the traditions and reputation of the Great Middle Kingdom!

Alric and Katherine
King and Queen of the Midrealm