From Their Highnesses, September AS LIII, Regarding Crown Tourney

Unto the Noble Populace of the Middle Kingdom, do We, Prince A’Kos and Princess Bella, send our greetings!

As many of our Warriors move hearth and kin to the battlefield of Pennsic to make War, We know Our Parents, the Dragon King, Alric, and Our Dread Mother, Queen Katherine, grow tired and will soon be ready to slumber in Their Winter Years, and We will be ascending the Dragon Thrones. Our minds turn to Our own Heirs. Who, of the Sons and Daughters of the Dragon, will heed the call to Serve?

We welcome those who wish to Honor their Inspiration, to attend and fight in Our Crown Tournament October 20th, 2018 in Our Beautiful Marche of Three Towers. Please submit your letters of intention by email to Us () and the Middle Kingdom Seneschal () by our Coronation day, September 29th, 2018. We do require both Combatant and Consort to hold at least an AoA level award, and for non-Peers of the Realm, please have a letter from a Peer who knows you and can attest to your Dedication and Courtesy, include this letter in your submission packet, please. Include in your email a copy of your state ID and proof of your valid SCA membership through the end of your potential reign. Do not take this endeavor lightly; know, and understand, you may win. Look to your Consort and discuss this matter fully, before you make your submission. We expect, nay, demand Honorable and Chivalrous behavior and fighting on, and off, the tournament field.

Crown format shall consist of the following:

  • If there are over 32 Combatants; there will be a pool tourney to bring this number down to 32.
  • Fighting format will be Standard Double Elimination tourney down to Finals.
  • Finals will be the best of three fights. Fight your best weapon style(s), matching or changing styles is not required.
  • Shields are to be tournament sized and will be at the discretion of our KEM and Deputy(s). Please use Honor and Common Sense, do not make Us tell
    you your shield is not a Tournament shield the day of Crown. Please seek them out prior to the day of Crown Tourney, if you have questions.
  • SCA Middle Kingdom Legal Tournament Weapons is 6ft maximum length.
  • No back up weapons or Madu.
  • All plastic and modern materials should be covered or painted to look as period as possible. This applies to clothing, shoes, armor, weapons, shields, etc.
  • Entrants should present themselves in a fashion that they are Heirs to the Kingdom.

We seek the best combatant of the day as our Heir, so they may protect our beloved Kingdom, when Lands to the East grow restless and the Lands once again thaw from Winter’s icy grip.

In Service,
A’Kos and Bella The Dragon Heirs