Event Stewards & Social Media – an FAQ

Greetings from Lady Sarah Ketillswif, Kingdom Social Media Officer

Event Stewards: Wonder how the new social media policy impacts you? Here are just a few FAQs to help insure you can advertise and answer questions about events on social media. (Remember, Facebook events are not replacements for a robust and up-to-date website!)

Where are Events created?
A FB event should be created from the PAGE (not group) of the sponsoring organization. That event can then be shared within other groups (like the Midrealm group) and externally with friends not already in groups.

But we always create events within the MK group!
Not any more. FB changed the way the way things work, and Events created in groups have a hard time being shared outside of groups. We want to keep the Midrealm events newcomer-friendly and insure sharing is easy. This is one major reason the new policy mandates that Groups be owned by Pages.

Who should create Events?
If the event steward is not an administrator on the sponsoring organization’s Page, she/he can work with the local Social Media Officer (SMO) to have the event created. They can then be named as a co-host, so they will have full administrative control. If the event steward is not active on Facebook, the local SMO can work with she/he to insure responses and information updates are given.

My organization doesn’t have a Page, just a group on FB. Can I just create the event myself?
Policy: “These event pages are to be created through Official outlets and not third-party presences.” Events for the Society must be created on a Society-owned property. If your group does not have a Page, reach out to your SMO or the KSMO to help you figure out how to activate in social media. Find me at .

I created an event; that means I’m done, right?
Not so fast. 😊 Part of the power of Facebook events is that it functions as a Group. People can ask questions, discuss, provide feedback and help each other within the event. Make sure the Event Steward and SMO have worked out who/how to respond to questions. One of the best ways to encourage people to attend your event is to provide regular (AND EARLY) information and be engaged answering questions.

By working with your local SMO and creating Events on Society-owned pages we can insure continuity of ownership. Once the event is created, share it in the Middle Kingdom and, as KSMO, I am able to add them to the MK Events tab on our Facebook page. It’s not a replacement for the Midrealm calendar because it does not have all the detail but for a fast and dirty share with friends: https://www.facebook.com/pg/KingdomOfTheMiddle/events