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Baron Wars: Updated Rapier Activity Schedule!

Updated Rapier Activity Schedule!

Order of events:
Friday Night:
1. Rapier Tent – Open Liste: 6:00 – Dark (provide your own marshals)
2. Rapier Tent – Dark:30 – 3 AM: Rapier Party

1. Authorizations: 9 AM – 10 AM;
2. Youth Rapier: 9 AM – 12 Noon Rapier Tent, if marshals are available
3. Kingdom Rapier Melee Practice: 10 AM – 12 Noon;
4. Lunch Break: 12 PM – 1 PM;
5. Captain Craidd’s Boarding Actions: 1:00 – 2:00; Rapier Tent
6. Learn to Parry Tournament: 2 PM – 4PM; Rapier Tent and area
7. Pageant of the Masters 4:00 – 5:00
8. Open sparring After the Tournament 4:00-ish, Rapier Tent
9. Rapier Tent Lists close: 4:30 PM
10. Field lists close: 5:00
11. Court: 5:30 PM?, in the Rapier tent.
12. Dark:30 – ? AM: Rapier Party Part II!

To save space I’ll skip the Boarding Actions rules & description. If you don’t know what it is – “Fun bear-pit on the boards” sums it up nicely.

The Learn to Parry Tournament: 2 PM – 4:00 PM-ish
A tournament in two (2) parts:
• Round robin pools to start
o Three (3) lethal passes per bout.
o 0-3 possible points per bout.
o The victor of each pass gets 1 point.
o Double Kills count as 0 (no point for either combatant).
o Half of each pool will advance to the Double Elimination portion of the Tournament.
• Double Elimination Portion – with a Swiss-6 component. (Now 6 because of the 2-handed rapier authorization)
o Each combatant will list the order of authorization styles to be used as the Double Elimination portion progresses:
o Default to single rapier for any missing authorizations.
o Off-hand Parry is divided into Rigid & Non-rigid.
o Windy Day Rule: Single Rapier may be substituted for Rapier & Non-rigid parry at the Marshals’ discretion.
o One kill, only 1 re-fight for a double kill. A second double-kill counts as a loss for both. Learn to parry.
• Prize for 1st and 2nd places.

Rapier activity for those out of the Tournament:
• We’ll come up with something.

Pageant of the Masters 4 PM-ish – 5 PM
• Demonstration of the Master’s practice by students of opposing Masters.
o The students practise their Master’s system upon their opponents.
• Expositions of the Master’s method as being superior – given by the students.
o The students and pageant spectators divide into groups, as they desire, whereupon the students expound upon the Master’s craft in tutorial.

There’s melee!! There’re tournaments!! (with prizes!)
Any day with a sword in hand is a good day!
Come on out, we’re gonna have a blast!
(and the weather is looking good, too!)

Capt. Craidd

Known World Metal & Glass Symposium New Site and Call for Teachers


Greetings! I hope that you are all planning to come to the first Known World Metal & Glass symposium in September. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Do to circumstances beyond our control, the site has changed. The new site is just north of the Minneapolis/St Paul metro area, rather than just south. There is plenty of space for classes, camping, and congregating. (more…)

Baron Wars Armored Combat

Friday Night

Duke Thorbjorn Osis Memorial Tourney
After Sunset in the “bearpit” at the center of the fort
Round Robin or Pool format torchlight tourney depending on numbers. Come and honor the memory of His Grace and all our other brothers and sisters who have passed on through noble deeds of arms. Show up early to get inspected.


Marshals Point Opens 10 am
Inspections and Authorizations begin.

Unbelted Champions Team Practice 11 am Battlefield

Japanese Style Duel Tournament 11 am Battlefield
Clan Suiryo is hosting their first Annual Japanese Armored Duel Tournament. Bracketed Double Elimination format. Allowed weapons are: Single sword, Bastard sword, Great sword, Pole arm, Short spear and great axe. All Personas allowed. No dual welding weapons allowed. No Shields will be allowed. The choice of weapons will be decided by both combatants prior to each match. Matching weapons is strongly encouraged. *Spears are only allowed in spear duels* If there are any questions please contact Kerry PMack on Facebook or Sir Seto at

Baronial Champions Grand Melee 12 noon Battlefield
Each Barony can send forth one Champion to stand against all others in a grand melee. Either their Baronial Champion or another designated by the Baron and/or Baroness to stand in their place. Fighting until only one victor remains.

The Baron Wars ~12:30pm Battlefield
Red Spears/Roaring Wastes Champions – Baron Wars will start with single combat between the Baronial Champions of Red Spears and Roaring Wastes. The Armies of the two Baronies will be assembled to either side of the field and the Champions shall fight in the center of the field between them. The first field battle will commence upon the defeat of one of the Champions.

Field Battles – The Armies of Roaring Wastes and Red Spears with their respective allies will first meet in the field outside the fort in a series of field battles.

The Siege of the Gate – Red Spears’ forces fall back to their fort and Roaring Wastes follows laying assault at the gate. This will be a limited resurrection battle with the defenders (Red Spears) having one rez and the attackers (Roaring Wastes) having three rez’s each.

Fighting in the Streets – Roaring Wastes has broken through into the fort and the fighting has taken to the streets. This will be a resurrection town battle inside the fort.

Escape Through the Gate – The civilians have fled with their camel herds from the fort and the Red Spears Army is covering their escape. This will be a repeat of the battle fought at the Gate with the sides reversed. Red Spears will be outside with 3 resurrections and Roaring Wastes inside with one.

Skirmishing in the Field – The battles will finish with more field battles back outside the fort.

It is our hope to have combat archery and siege in as many battles as possible. Marshals should all have eye protection or helmets. It is asked that day shades are kept on the side of the ravine away from the fort. The field battles will be fought on the side near the fort.

Baron Wars Website
Baron Wars Facebook event

New Heraldry Forms Reminder

Greetings unto the Middle Kingdom College of Heralds and the populace of the Midrealm from Meister Konrad Mailander, Rouge Scarpe Herald,

This is a reminder that as of April first new heraldry forms went into effect for the Kingdom. Any new submissions need to be on these new forms.

Please discontinue the use of all old forms. The new forms should have Laurel v. 3.0; Middle v1.0 (Laurel Approved 10 Dec 2014) at the bottom of the form and “v3_rev1” as part of the file name. These are the forms currently available on the Middle Kingdom Heraldry website.

It has been nearly two months since this has gone into effect and we are still receiving submissions on the old forms.

Heralds please go through your supplies and remove or mark old forms so that they do not get used. If you have the blank forms saved to your computer go through and replace them with the new forms.

Using the wrong forms is a cause of administrative return by Escutcheon. We would really like to avoid having to return a submission to be redone simple because the wrong form was used.

Please pass this missive on to your groups.

In Service I Remain,

Konrad Rouge Scarpe

March Heraldic Decisions for the Middle Kingdom

Greetings unto the populace of the Middle Kingdom from Konrad Rouge Scarpe.

The March Heraldic Letter of Acceptances and Returns has been published. Here are the decisions for the Middle Kingdom. Official notification will come out shortly to the submitters from the Opinicus Pursuivant, Jean Yves de Chierebourg. Look for an email form ; if you have items in submission you may want to add it to your address book as we have occasionally had issues with spam filters grabbing them. Please make sure to follow the link in the email as that lets us know that you have received the notification. (more…)

February Heraldic Decisions Letter Published

Greetings unto the populace of the Middle Kingdom from Meister Konrad Mailander, Rouge Scarpe Herald,

The February Laurel King of Arms’ Letter of Acceptances and Returns (LoAR)  has been published. (The LoAR are dated by the month the decision meeting was held in. It takes around six weeks for the letters to get written, proofread, and published in the various formats.)

The letter can be found here:

Below are the decisions for items submitted in the Middle Kingdom. There are also several items from the Errata page of the letter. These are items from previous letters that had errors that needed correcting.



Cynwrig ap Lewelyn. Device. Azure, three serpents fretted heads and tails outwards Or.

Damiana Evstokhivna Sodnitsina. Name change from holding name Damiana of Cleftlands.

Eginolf von Basel. Device change. Per fess gules and bendy gules and azure, in chief an egg argent.

This design was well documented as an Individually Attested Pattern in late period German armory. The submitter provided sufficient evidence of divided fields of more than four parts in combinations of gules and azure, both uncharged or charged with argent charges.

The submitter’s old device, Bendy Or and azure, a wolf’s head erased ululant contourny gules maintaining in its mouth an egg argent, on a chief Or three eagles gules, is retained as a badge.

Evan Aethalwald. Reblazon of device. Azure, three swords in pile inverted tips conjoined each pommeled of a comet and in chief an estoile of eight points argent.

Blazoned when registered in July 1980 as Azure, a sword inverted between two others in chevron, all conjoined at the tips, each pommeled of an estoille of eight points elongated to chief, and in chief an estoille of eight points argent, we are making the position of the swords more clear.

Faraldr Sørkvir. Name.

Iofurr Ormarsson. Name.

Submitted as Iöfurr Ormarsson, the given name was changed by kingdom to I{o,}furr in order to use the o-ogonek ({o,}) instead of the modern ö. During commentary, the submitter expressed a preference for the form Iofurr instead. We have made this change.

Jean Yves de Chierebourg. Badge. Argent, a ewer vert and a bordure vert platy.

Katherine Fixis. Name and device. Argent, a compass star gules, on a base azure a wolf courant contourny argent.

Nice 16th century English name!

There is a step from period practice for the use of a compass star.

Maaicke van Zanten. Device. Argent, the kanji for “bright” and a base wavy azure.

The submitter has permission to conflict with the device of Cadell ap Hubert, Argent, the astronomical sign of Sagittarius and a gore sinister azure.

There is a step from period practice for the use of kanji.

Rivenstar, Barony of. Badge. (Fieldless) On a tower azure, a riven star argent.

The use of a riven star as a charge is grandfathered to the group.

Takeda Fuyuuji. Name and device. Vert, four rustres in cross within an annulet argent.

The submitter requested authenticity for 16th century Japan. This request was not summarized in the Letter of Intent. Luckily for the submitter, enough information was provided in commentary to allow us to consider this request instead of pending the name.

The nanori Fuyu’uji is dated to 1332 as is Takeda. The latter is also the surname of at least three historical figures from 16th century Japan. Because Fuyu’uji was not found in the 16th century, this name does not meet the submitter’s request for an authentic 16th century name, but it is an excellent Kamakura period name.

Please advise the submitter to draw the piercing on the rustres bigger.

Yngerame Erskyn. Name and device. Ermine, on a chevron gules three calamaries argent.

Nice late 14th century Scottish name!

Aurora Lucia Marinella. Badge. (Fieldless) Issuant from the line of division of a fesswise cushion per fess azure and gule, a demi-sun Or.

This device is returned for violating our restriction on “barely overall”, as a previous precedent regarding a charge that was half-on and only top-half-off of the underlying charge states:

[…in chief a dragon passant sable surmounted by a crescent gules] This device is returned for violating our restriction on “barely overall” charges. By precedent:

We will no longer return items for being barely overall if the area of overlap is small, the area of the overlap which projects beyond the edge of the underlying charge is also small, when the overall charge does not obscure significant portions of the outline of the underlying charge, and when identifiability is preserved. [Brunissende Dragonette de Broceliande, December 2008, A-East]

In this submission, the area of overlap is large and the area of overlap which projects beyond the edge of the underlying dragon is small. A properly drawn overall charge will lie upon the field on both sides of the underlying charge; the crescent here has only its horns on the field. If the crescent were a touch smaller, it could be considered a tertiary charge, but would then violate the rule of contrast. [Nikolaus Grünenwaldt, R-Caid, Feb 2012 LoAR]

This is a similar case and therefore this badge must be returned.

Brynniulfr Herleifsson. Augmentation of arms. Quarterly sable and vert a bear’s head erased and a bordure argent and for augmentation in base a quill pen fesswise argent enflamed proper.

This submission is returned for redraw. The augmentation was blazoned as “a quill pen fesswise argent enflamed proper” but the flames are not distinguishable.

Elianora Saunfayle. Augmentation of arms. Quarterly sable and vert, an annulet Or within a bordure argent, and as augmentation in dexter chief a quill pen bendwise argent enflamed proper.

This submission is returned for redraw. The augmentation was blazoned as “a quill pen fesswise argent enflamed proper” but the flames are not distinguishable.

Frøkn mac Cainnaig. Device. Per saltire purpure and vert, a saltire erminois, between in cross a Celtic cross and three griffins passant argent.

This device is returned for redraw, for violating SENA A2C2 which states “Elements must be drawn to be identifiable.” The ermine spots on the saltire are too small and have the appearance of diapering rather than strewn charges.

Tamura of the Saii. Name.

No documentation was provided to support the tribal byname of the Saii. The Academy of Saint Gabriel report cited in the Letter of Intent states, “In classical Greek sources, people are usually identified using their father’s name or an ethnic adjective that describes where they are from.” In the submitted name, the byname is constructed using the pattern of the [tribe]. Without additional documentation to show that this is a plausible byname, this name cannot be registered.

The tribe name Saii is found in classical Greek inscriptions around the Black Sea, so we are willing to give the submitter the benefit of the doubt that this tribe is a compatible culture under SENA. The given name Tamura is also found in inscriptions from the same area.

Wilhelm Michalik. Augmentation of arms. Sable, in fess a tree eradicated argent and another Or and for augmentation in base a quill pen argent enflamed proper.

This submission is returned for redraw. The augmentation was blazoned as “a quill pen fesswise argent enflamed proper” but the flames are not distinguishable.



August 1989

Snurri Pleieson. Alternate name Gabriel Sweettooth and badge. Sable, three mullets in fess argent.

Only the badge acceptance associated for this alternate name was listed in the Letter of Acceptances and Returns. While not stated explicitly, the alternate name was accepted at that time.

April 1999

Hróðgeirsfjörðr, Canton of. Branch name correction from Hróðgeirsfjöðrr, Canton of.

Submitted as Hróðgeirsfjörðr, Canton of, the substantive element was inadvertently registered as HróðgeirsfjörÐr in June 1998. In registering its device in November 1998, it was listed as Hróðgerisfjöðrr. A subsequent correction changed the name to Hróðgeirsfjöðrr in April 1999. It should have been registered as submitted.

April 2006

Mei Li. Name change from holding name Emily of Swordcliff.

Listed on the Letter of Acceptances and Returns as a new name, this was actually a change of holding name.



Order of Defense Name, Badge, and Regalia Registered

Greetings unto all who read these words,

The Laurel King of Arms has just published a special Letter of Acceptances and Returns (LoAR) for the items related to the Order of Defense. I have clipped out a lot of the discussion of procedural stuff. Because the last peerage was created in 1972 and the first set of written rules for the College of Arms came out in 1982 there was not a lot of precedents or procedures relating to the registration of items for peerages and significant discussion revolved around that.

The information below is taken from both the cover letter and the acceptance letter. I recommend reading the entire LoAR.  If you would like to read the letter in its entirety it can be found here

Society for Creative Anachronism. Order name Order of Defense and badge. (Tinctureless) Three rapiers in pall inverted tips crossed.

Appearing in the Letter of Intent as Order of Defence, the preferred spelling is Order of Defense. The spellings defence and defense are used interchangeably in our period [see the Oxford English Dictionary (OED), s.v. defence]. We have changed the name to the desired spelling, with the caveat that both spellings are acceptable and can be used according to the desires of the kingdom and the individual companions of the order.

The badge of the Order is registered as tinctureless. We recognize that it has been long-standing policy to not register tinctureless armory outside of Herald’s Seals. However, given that the majority of the armory and regalia for the Peerage orders are tinctureless, we have afforded the same standing to the badge registered herein.


Society for Creative Anachronism. Regalia for Order of Defense. (Fieldless) A white livery collar.

Submitted as (Fieldless) A white livery collar, bearing the badge of the Order of Defence, commentary indicated that requiring to recognize a specific badge hanging from the collar would decrease identifiability of the members of the order.

The white livery collar is registered and protected as regalia only. Similarly to the laurel wreath of the Order of the Laurel, it is not registered as a badge and cannot be registered on armory for the members of the Order of Defense.

In acknowledgement of the diverse forms and ornamentation that livery collars may possess, we decline to specify a type for the Order, just as we do not specify anything beyond a white belt for the Order of the Chivalry. In order to be considered regalia, the collar itself must be white.

Much like the superprotection of the white belt as regalia for the Order of Chivalry does not prevent the populace from wearing belts of other colors or metal, the superprotection of a white livery collar for the Order of Defense does not mean that members of the populace cannot wear livery collars of another color or metal livery collars, including those made of silver.


The phrase Academy of Defense is a historical term used by fencing schools, and is used by multiple SCA branches to refer to both educational events and fencing practices. A registration of Order of Defense would “superprotect” the term Defense under NPN4B2 of SENA, preventing further uses of X of Defense and limiting the use of Defense in both non-personal and personal names in future registrations:

Order and award names may not include the names of the peerage orders or overt references to famous knightly orders such as the Garter. Other types of non-personal names may only use such elements in contexts where no reference to the order is likely to be perceived by members of the order and the general populace.

However, in acknowledgement of the traditions of excellence that many branches have displayed in educating their populace on period rapier combat, the SCA Board of Directors has granted permission for the use of Academy of Defense or Academy of Defence by any branch, and only branches, in the future.


We note the following acceptable styles for members of the Order: X, Master of the Order of Defense, and X, Master of Defense. On the question of post-nomial abbreviations (the practice of putting initials for awards behind one’s name), we decline to specify an abbreviation as this practice is post-period.