50 Year

SCA 50 Year Storycorp Update

Here’s a quick update on the Story Corps projects from 50 Year, since several people have asked, “what’s next?”.

We collected about 21 hours of interviews over the 5 days. Some of these are long, as with the founders, some celebrities and a bardic recitation, while others are shorter NSTIW stories or brief vignettes of SCA life.

First, all of the footage needs to be logged, and out of that process we’ll know what to transcribe word-for-word. The logging and transcription gives us an inventory of what we have, so we can start putting the parts together. (more…)

Midrealm Calf-to-Codex Project Pages

In honor of the Society for Creative Anachronism’s 50 Year anniversary and celebration, many artisans and craftspeople of the Middle Kingdom, led by Master Johannes von Narrenstein, set out to create a book from scratch. They used as many medieval techniques as they could, crafting everything from raw materials inasmuch as was within their abilities.

These photos are the individual pages from the book, received from the calligraphers and illuminators, before the bookbinders began their tasks. I recorded these so the work can be closely examined, which might not be possible once the pages have been bound into the final volume. Intermixed with the full pages are occasional close-up images of some of the detailed illuminations.

The complete album can be viewed here: Calf to Codex Album on Flickr


50 Years Ago…

Okay, this is approximately the way Diana told it.FirstEvent25

Once upon a time there was a scholar who lived in an ivory tower. And in that tower lived many other scholars, who spent their time reading books and writing papers about what some other scholar had said another scholar had said *another* scholar had said they used to do in the Middle Ages.

But the scholar of whom I speak was more fortunate than the rest, for she used to escape from the tower from time to time and go down into the town, where she met many interesting people. And some of these folk belonged to a tribe called “fandom,” and they too read many books and wrote many papers, and they published them in loose journals printed on coarse wood-pulp paper. And the scholar, who had some skill as an artist, drew pictures of knights and ladies and elves and dragons, and these appeared in the wood-pulp paper journals.

And in this tribe were two young men with whom the scholar became acquainted; and they were beautiful young men, one dark and one fair, and both with eyes the color of summer heaven. And on a day the scholar went to visit the young men in their home, and she saw hanging on the wall two bright swords and two well-wrought shields emblazoned with devices of heraldry. And she said, “What do you do with those?”

And the young men replied, “WE FIGHT WITH THEM.” (more…)

Call For Donations To SCA 50 Volunteers

Attention, Talented Artisans of the Society for Creative Anachronism

In the Society for Creative Anachronism, we are a collective of volunteers, each serving in their own way at one point or another so that all may have a chance to play, enjoy, learn and have fun. It is on this mantra that the SCA has gone on for 50 years now, and shall continue to do so.

As we Celebrate 50 Years of the Society, many of our SCA family will be considering attending the SCA 50 Year Celebration Event, June 17th through the 27th of this year and many of them will be giving their time and service to the event, staffing the Gate, serving on the Watch, Marshalling the Lists.

Guards Wanted for Midrealm SCA 50 Display

Calling all Midrealmers – The Dragon Needs You!

We are looking for Volunteers to fill shifts watching over the Midrealms Treasures at The SCA 50 Year Celebration Event in Indiana this coming June.

We are looking for Volunteers to stand guard in 1 hour shifts during the hours the display will be open from Sunday June 19th – Friday June 24th.

We will have guards working in pairs.

To sign up for a shift, check out the form here!

SCA 50 Year Great Hall Schedule

Every evening, beginning at 9 p.m., there will be a grand celebration in the Great Hall to highlight communities, traditions, and aspects of the SCA.

Welcome Celebration (Friday, June 17) – We kick off our evening celebrations with a chance to sit down, relax, and enjoy catching up with old friends after the first day of activities. There will be pick-up music and dancing as our energy levels permit, as well as light refreshments.

Performance Arts at SCA 50 Year

Singers, storytellers, bards and buskers: Want to perform at 50 Year?

Please fill out this Google Form: Click here to submit your application to perform on the outdoor stage, tavern, busking area, or indoor stage. Please note: the application is NOT required for any Bardic Circle. The deadline for applying to perform is May 1.

The staff will be filling slots as we go, so the earlier you submit your application, the better selection of performance opportunities you’ll have. (more…)