Heavy Fighting

News of the rattan fighting world.

Known World Combat Collegiums Scheduled

In September 1st and 2nd of 2018, the Kingdom of Northshield will host to Known World Academy of Rapier (KWAR) and the first Known World Armored Combat Colloquium (KWACC) in more than a decade. For those that have not taken part of known world events, these bring some of the best and brightest in their fields to teach, learn, and take part in these focused areas within the SCA.

The event is scheduled to be in Stoughton, WI, in the Barony of Jararvellir.

Look for details at this website in the coming months:


Unbelted Champions Team Leadership Announced

With Their Royal Majesties’ permission, We are pleased to announce the Captain and Regional Commanders for Our Unbelted Champions Team.

Commanding Officers

  • Captain/Commander – Eskil Haraldsson
  • Executive Officer – Magnus Refsson

Regional Commanders

  • Constellation – Ulrich Halfdan Ulfsson
  • North Oaken – Thorin Eikskjald
  • South Oaken -Iri Lutrson inn Stafndrengr
  • Midlands – Duncan Burns
  • Pentamere – Louis LeCoffrier

Please give them your support and congratulations as they Champion Our Kingdom at events and wars throughout the coming campaign season.

TRH Cameron and Amalie

Early Period Tournament at Red Dragon

Unto the Warriors of the Dragon does Diglach MacCein, Curra of the realm and Ri Fianna of Ballae Ban, bring a challenge for word fame at Tournament of Red Dragon

In the age of the Red Branch, two mighty Champions, Cú Chulainn amd Feridad, met at a ford to do single combat. The fought one another for three days, until The Hound of Ulster stood victorious.

To celebrate this, at Red Dragon there will be an opportunity for a group of you to do honor to the memory of this deed, and earn word fame of your own. (more…)

MidRealm! Know the Valor of your people!

Hear the words of Ulf Von Greiffenburg, Baron Fenix!

I will tell you a tale of valor, of bravery, and of grand deeds. At this very War in the Kingdom of Aethelmearc did we go again to fight, treaties dissolved, others broken, oaths not kept and new allies found amongst old enemies. We made a foray from our small keep there. Soon did we find the enemy drawn up inside a castle they called Hell. Their forces were also still making for the safety of the walls, many out in the open and upon the road. There were towers and a broken wall to our front. So down the hill we rode; smashing hard into the enemy, driving them from one tower and gaining ground on their gates. A call rang out to turn and face their reinforcements poring through the opening in the broken wall. We drove them back, and they would repulse our charge. Again and again the forces of the Dragon Army held at the wall, but we were not able to break from our foe there, nor go through them. Several times I saw Her Excellency Fenix go down under the blows of the adversaries from Aethelmearc and their many allies. Yet she never gave quarter, nor asked any for herself. (more…)