Kingdom News

Deputy Kingdom Earl Marshal for Hound Coursing Position Created

It is my pleasure to announce the creation of Deputy Kingdom Earl Marshal for Coursing position! The DKEM will be responsible for the safe management of hound coursing activities and any regional, local, or at-large hound coursing marshals in the Middle Kingdom. Like all DKEM positions, the DKEM for Coursing will report to the Kingdom Earl Marshal on a regular basis, maintain open communication with all participants in the activity, and will be responsible for maintaining records and rule sets that conform to Kingdom and modern laws and regulations. If you are interested in this position, please send an introductory email and your SCA resume to


Sir Gregoire
KEM Middle Kingdom

Tournament of Defense to be held at Grand Tourney of the Unicorn

Their Royal Majesties, Cadogan and AnnMarie, would like to invite the populous of the Middle Kingdom to the first ever Tournament of Defense, a tournament of prowess and honor as has not been seen on the Rapier lists before. We ask the Warders of the kingdom to come, fight, and teach so that the Known World may know the skill of our rapier fighters.

For more information and the day’s rapier schedule, please refer to the event website: